Org de Rac - Organic wines from South Africa - pure nature

Org de Rac was one of the first wine farms in South Africa committed to 100% certified organic wine-farming. Today it is one of only 18 local wine producers certified for the making of wines from organically farmed grapes.

From the outset, Org de Rac’s motive for organic farming was our conviction that the best, healthiest grapes make the finest wines. And if you want healthy grapes expressing the characteristics of each variety, creating as natural an environment as possible for the cultivation of vineyards is the best way to ensure quality grapes for the making of premium wines.

Organic farming entails natural agricultural practices, the same as those used by farmers centuries and generations back before the landscape was changed by the introduction of chemical fertilizers and poisonous pesticides. Org de Rac thus does not – and has never – subjected its soils and vineyards to artificial fertilizers and pesticides composed in a laboratory.

Natural compost and sea-bird manure, as well as crop-covers, fertilize our soils, creating a natural environment for vineyards to flourish, ensuring optimum health of roots, scions, shoots, leaves and grapes. To keep harmful bugs and disease-carrying pests at bay, natural predators such as wasps are released into the vineyards to decimate the unwanted insects.

The result is vineyards farmed in harmony with nature. A minimum-intervention approach in maintaining soil health and unhindered purity allows the vines to maintain healthy profiles allowing for the delivering of superior quality grapes from which our wines are made. 

Organic farming also brings life to the environment, therefore Org de Rac’s vineyards teem with non-invasive creatures such as ladybirds and earth-worms, while the farmland is full of birds and mammals flourishing on a truly living wine farm.

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