I was born and raised in South Africa and spent most of my life working in the Stellenbosch region. Traveling through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and living in the great outdoors, 4x4 desert and bush tours combined with the wines of the Western Cape region complete the lifestyle experience.

Now, I have been living in Switzerland for 30 years and am the owner of Western Cape Wines GmbH here in The Valley in Kemptthal. This is where I have my wine cellar and Car Bar.

As a South African, I have a unique insight and passion for the wines and the people working in the wine industry in the Western Cape.

I live and breathe South Africa, and my goal is to take you on a journey through the wine regions of the Cape and introduce you to this fascinating country at the southern tip of Africa with its vast landscapes, exotic wildlife, and fascinating culture - the wonders of South Africa cannot be overstated, and it's time to experience them firsthand.

At Western Cape Wines, you will not only find the best wines that South Africa has to offer, but you will also be introduced to a South African-style lifestyle.

So come to my wine cellar and "Find Your Taste."


In the past few months, I have established a selective partnership to complement my wine and lifestyle experience and expand my boutique wine selection and events.


For a selection of lovely South African specialties, this is the right place to visit. Boerewors, biltong, and droewors made according to the South African style. Also available in our wine cellar.




Born in South Africa and brewed in Switzerland by a true South African, Andrew Mpeqa.

Come to the wine cellar or Car Bar to experience his refreshing Ginger Beer & Ice Tea.



Contact Gavin for your next golfing experience in South Africa and discover the magic of the Cape and followed by a visit to some of the best botique wine farms in the Western Cape Region.



The Maggi site in Kemptthal is a location with a long and exceptional industrial history.

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