Trevor & esther

"Just before relocating from South Africa to Europe in 1994, Esther and I invited Colin for a braai (barbeque). I met Colin Collard in the 1985, since then he has been like a mentor to me. 

Colin mentioned that if he ever relocated to another country the first thing he would do would be to fill a container with South African wine and sell it in the new country. This seemed like a pretty good idea, and by the end of the evening we agreed that once our furniture and personal effects had been loaded into the container, the remaining space would be filled with wine.


Well…that was the beginning of Western Cape Wines!


Five weeks later the container arrived from Cape Town. We were overwhelmed and couldn’t believe our eyes. Colin had managed to squeeze 400 cases, that’s 4,800 bottles, into the container. More than we expected. I remember turning to Esther and exclaiming, ‘We’re in the wine business’. We immediately started organizing wine tastings and introducing South African wines to friends and family.  

Today we represent the South African Wine-of-the-Month Club in Switzerland. Besides supplying wines from the Wine-of-the-Month Club, Western Cape Wines specialises in South African wines handcrafted in small boutique family owned wineries through their private portfolio.  

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